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Certification & Training Programs

The CDITC provides a variety of training programs designed to meet the demands of today's criminal defense investigation professional.  The training is discipline specific and focused exclusively on the art and science of criminal defense investigation. Many of our programs are unique methodologies developed exclusively for CDITC members. 

 CDITC training recognizes the needs and demands of the criminal defense investigator and separates the discipline from the law enforcement perspective.    



Brandon Perron and the faculty staff of the CDITC are available to deliver training to your organization in the form of programs, seminars and at conferences as a Trainer and Key Note Speaker.  The following rates represent one instructor.



1-4  hour presentations - Contact for quote 

Full Day - $ 3,500.00 plus travel 

Two Day - $ 4,500.00 plus travel

Customized Training Programs can be developed to suit the individual needs of an agency and their mission. 


Key Note - Customized (Call to discuss) 




The CDITC Board Certified 
Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI)

Approved Academic Training is required to meet the academic/training requirements of the CCDI designation. Candidates must have successfully completed the Component Method of Criminal Defense & Case Management training course. The CCDI program adheres to the philosophical and methodical dynamics of the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation.  Applicants must successfully complete one of the following four training programs.

1. Completion of the CDITC Academy Program which includes the Component Method Certification program, or

2. Completion of the 2 day/16 hour or 1 day/8 hour FAST TRACK CDITC Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: Component Method certification training program, or


3. Completion of the Florida 19th Judicial Circuit, Public Defender Academy program which includes the extensive Component Method curriculum, or

4. Completion of the Distance Learning which includes the extensive Component Method curriculum, or

5. Completion of an approved Component Method Training program consisting of a minimum of 2 days/16 hours delivered by a CDITC Authorized independant agent and CCDI.

PlusTwo (2) years investigative experience, (25) comprehensive criminal defense assignments, written recommendation from two (2) criminal defense attorneys, signed oath of conduct, and a Written Test.

Certification Fee:  $ 225.00 

Criminal Defense Specialist Certification 

The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation is widely accepted as the standard protocol for due process investigations consistent with the demands of the 6th amendment and the right to a fair trial. (Authorized by the United States Army and United States Marine Corps Trial Defense Services).

Completion of the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management course designates one as a

CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist 

It is the first step and a prerequisite required  toward earning the expert designation of 

Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI). 

The Component Method certification may be earned through multiple avenues involving both class room instructor lead programs or the distance learning Instructor led program. The classroom program is 2 days (16 hours) or 1 day FAST TRACK (8 hours) and is offered through a variety of sources at different locations throughout the United States.  A distance learning option is also available. Testing is required. 

No additional fee is required to earn this designation other than successful completion of an authorized and approved CDITC Component Method course.
KALI - Kansas Association of Licensed  Investigators FAST TRACK TRAINING 
CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist  Certification Test - Training Participants Only 
Authorized FAST TRACK training Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management training participants only.  

CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist certification

$ 50.00 plus $ 15.00 S&H for a total of $65.00.  

(If training participant has training book) $ 30.00

Scroll down to purchase book and/or test. 

FAPI - Florida Association of Professional Investigators FAST TRACK TRAINING 
CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist  Certification Test - Training Participants Only 
Authorized FAST TRACK training Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management training participants only.  

CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist certification

$ 50.00 plus $ 15.00 S&H for a total of $65.00.  

(If training participant has training book) $ 30.00

Scroll down to purchase book and/or test. 

CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist  Certification Test - Training Participants Only
Click Image to Access Test

Authorized Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management training participants only.  

Click on the image to enter code and engage testing process. 

The test MUST be taken before 11/27/2023 at 11:55 pm 



FAST TRACK CDITC Criminal Defense Specialist TEST ONLY


NOTE: Allow 3-5 days for delivery of the training book and 24 hours for the test link to be emailed. The training book is required to take the test.  
Important Information: An extension may be requested by emailing investigator.perron@gmail.com. The extension may only be requested after the testing closing date. Please provide the reason for the request. If granted an extension, a code will be provided for access to the test.  The extension will terminate 30 days from the end of the original test end date. Additional extensions will not be granted. Those who take the test with an extension are not eligible for the designation of Honor Graduate or Distinguished Honor Graduate. No additional extensions will be granted. 

Test Extension Fee - Must be granted authorization


TAKING YOUR TEST: • Before taking your Test, make sure you are in an environment where you will not be disturbed. • Your answers are saved as you submit each one, not at the end of the Test. This means you will not lose any work. • If the Test has a time limit, you will see a countdown timer at the top of each page. If you run out of Time, the Test will be finished automatically and any answers on the current page will also be submitted for you so you will not lose any work. • Avoid using the browser back button as this will not work. IF the Test is set to allow you to go back to Previous questions, use the “Previous” button which will be under your Questions.


HOW TO AVOID BEING LOGGED OUT OF A TEST: 1. Stay connected to the Internet during your Test. 2. Do not click away from the Test until you have submitted your answers and finished the Test. 3. 


TROUBLESHOOTING: • If your Test page freezes, you can always click refresh on your web browser and the Test will again load on the same Question/s you were on. Note: If you have written any long answers on the frozen page, make a copy of these answer/s first so you do not lose them. • If your Computer or Web browser has a problem or they are closed, using the same Web browser, re-open your Web browser go to the Start Link for the Test and you will be taken back to the last question you were on, where you will be able to resume your Test. • I have saved my Test but how do I resume it? Some Tests have the option to “Save and finish later”. To resume your Test, go back to the Tests' Start Link and select the Resume option to log in and finish your Test. ◦ I have forgotten my password! Use the Forgot password link and follow the instructions. Remember: Check your Spam folder for the reset password email just in case!   

CDITC Certified Forensic Interviewer - FTER (CFI-FTER)

Completion of the eight (8) hour CDITC approved FTER - Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery training program or the approved Distance Learning program.  Written & Practical Tests in concert with training.

The FTER Program is grounded in the theoretical understanding of testimonial evidence in its various forms.  Practitioners assimilate a comprehensive understanding of testimonial evidence relative to its creation and potential contamination for the purpose of recovery and analysis.  Successful completion awards the CFI-FTER designation recognizing proficiency in the FTER method of forensic interviewing and analysis.

Certification Fee:  $ 225.00 

CDITC Certified Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI)

Completion of six (6) CDITC approved forensic training programs including but not limited to; Forensic Applications, Latent Prints, General Crime Scene, Bloodstain Detection & Interpretation, Firearm's Examination, Computer Forensics & Data Recovery, Forensic Photography - Online Test Required.  (Distance Learning Option is only available for Forensic Applications at this time)

The Certified Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI) program is designed to elevate the ability of the criminal defense investigator to interpret and recognize the need for expert independent analysis.   The CFSI is better positioned to facilitate the efforts of forensic science experts and to incorporate their findings into the investigative process and defense theory development. The CFSI can also serve as the liaison between the legal team and the forensic science experts.  The expertise of the CFSI will enhance the capabilities of the defense team and increase the effectiveness of representation consistent with the demands of due process.

Certification Fee:  $ 225.00 



The CDITC demands learning participants and partners to provide detailed answers reflecting unique individual thoughts.  Teams may be formed to complete projects and facilitate scenario based learning.  Discussion among participants may be encouraged for open book assignments and testing processes.  However, answers are not to be shared and must reflect the participant’s unique understanding and thoughts. Essay submissions that are identical or substantially similar to another participant’s work product will be disqualified.    While group discussion and problem solving is encouraged, learning to think and work independently is part of the training and educational process. Cheating or plagiarism in any form is considered a serious violation and may result in disciplinary action.

Earn a prestigious CDITSpecialization Designation and advance your expertise before it is too late to compete!

Criminal Defense Investigation - Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method: 

Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation, Attorney-Client Privilege as Agents of Counsel, Work-Product Doctrine, Criminal Rules of Procedure, Law - Legal Defenses - Defense Theories, Forensic Case Review & Analysis, The Defendant Interview, Crime Scene, Impeachment Investigations, Witness Interviewing & Statements, Report Writing & Testifying.  2 day/16 hour program or intensive FAST TRACK 1 day/8 hour and distance learning programs. Testing required for Certified Criminal Defense Specialist designation and for advanced CCDI Board Certification. 

Forensic Interviewing - Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery - The FTER Method:  

Developed as a supplement to the Component Method of criminal defense investigation. FTER is intended to enhance the investigative interview process by elevating the investigator’s understanding of testimonial evidence as it relates to analysis, evaluation, recovery, and documentation. Completion of the 2 day/16 hour or intensive FAST TRACK 1 day/8 hour seminar or the distance learning option is required to earn the designation of Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-FTER) - Test Required.

Advanced and Specialized Training is also available:  

Homicide, Mitigation Specialist, Sex Crimes, Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Techniques, Blood Spatter Analysis / Blood Detection, General Crime Scene, Basic Latent Prints, Medical/Death Investigations, Forensic Photography, Forensic Firearm's Examination and Academy Programs.

CDITC- Mitigation & Investigation Training Course for Investigators

The CDITC can deliver a powerful one day training program to Public Defender Investigation Divisions.  The training is presented by Brandon Perron, CCDI, with emphasis placed upon the specific approach to capital case investigation and mitigation efforts associated with the guilt and penalty phases. An example case study is presented that demonstrates the influence of an effective mitigation effort can have on the outcome.


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Authorization Required 

Designatied Training - CM Test and Textbook


Designated Training - CM Test only