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The CDITC Awards Program

The CDITC proudly recognizes those professionals who go "Above and Beyond" what is asked.  They are the unsung heros of our profession who demonstrate the dedication, talent, and ability that is reserved for the very few.  It is in this spirit that we present our colleagues with the honor and respect that they have earned.


The Investigator/Philosopher Award


This Award is presented to those few who have elevated the discipline of criminal investigation.  They have led by example and assumed the highest level of expertise.  Their leadership includes that of director, instructor, author, and mentor to many.


The CDITC Field Commendation Award


This award is presented to what is best described as the "Investigator's Investigator".  The professional who maintains a level of dedication and expertise that is second to none.  They have proven themselves on specific cases or during the course of their career. 

New Award!  October 3, 2011

Carol Springer, CCDI - Florida

Presented with the National Director's Commendation Award for Meritorious Service and Demonstration of Superior Investigative Ability.  This is Ms. Springer's second CDITC Commendation Award.



"Investigator Philosopher Award"

Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI
Clarence N. Short, CCDI
Diana Lynn Queen, CCDI
Jake C. Ross, CCDI
Gary J. McDaniel, CCDI
Jane M. Cracraft, CCDI
George M. Newman, CCDI


Field Commendation Award


James A. Cobb, CCDI
Gary J. McDaniel, CCDI
Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI
Diana Queen, CCDI
Thomas P. Shamshak, Sr., CCDI
Judy Smith, CCDI
Sandra Walters, CCDI
Greg Wills, CCDI
James L. Hamilton, CCDI
Robert W. Gietzen, CCDI
Richard L. Ashenoff, CCDI (2)
Kathy Grant, CCDI
Robert M. Parks, CCDI
Richard Lee Forrest, CCDI
Francis "Frank" Kelly, CCDI
Jack Murray, CCDI
Amy M. Perron, CCDI (2) 
Brad Milburn, CCDI
Mark Murnan, CCDI
Bradley A. Perron, CCDI
Keith R. Steele, CCDI (2)
Sandra K. Warner, CCDI

Carol Springer, CCDI (2)
Stephen Hapka, CCDI
Arthur C. Buhrman, CCDI
Bill Rhetts, CCDI
Daniel Collins, CCDI (2)
Bryan Reis, CCDI (2)

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Why a CDITC Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator?  Many people spend an entire lifetime contributing little if anything to society.  Consider for one moment the impact that a Criminal Defense Investigator can have on the Justice System and in the life of an innocent who has been wrongfully accused?    The Criminal Defense Investigator must find the virtual "needle in a haystack" and remain dedicated in the face of overwhelming odds.  A "David Vs. Goliath" philosophy must be maintained in the search for Truth.    Remember, it is "Life, Liberty, and Justice for All".   Not just for the privileged few.

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The Criminal Defense Investigator's primary role is to defend the rights afforded by the United States Constitution.  The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments demand that protections be afforded to the accused and the rules of due process enforced.   The professional CDI must step up and accept the responsibility of educating themselves and honing their skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  Our rights as American citizens come under attack every day.  The forces and agents of injustice, incompetence, and apathy remain constant within the American Justice System.  The professional Criminal Defense Investigator is the first line of defense.   We must balance the scales of justice as "Impartial & Objective Advocates of the Truth!"   Every American's right to Liberty and Justice demands no less.   Join us! 




Brandon A. Perron, CCDI

CDITC National Training Director  


Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council

"Mandamus Veritas! 


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Do you know a colleague who is deserving of a CDITC Field Commendation Award?   If so, please fill out the following and submit for nomination.  Details reflecting the reason must be provided in writing.

The CDITC Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) has set the standard of professional training, knowledge, and conduct.  The CCDI is second to none when it comes to reputation and professional ability.         - Brandon A. Perron, CCDI - National Director