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Brandon Perron Investigator Notes
National Director Brandon Perron, CCDI - Click On Image To Check Out Blog
Dean Beers, CLI, CCDI
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Defending the United States Constitution One Case at a Time!
Welcome to the
Criminal Defense Investigation
Training Council (CDITC) 
Brandon A. Perron, National Director

The objective of the CDITC remains focused upon elevating the discipline of criminal defense and due process investigation to the level of significance and importance that it deserves.  We recognize our fundamental mission as criminal defense and due process investigators is the defense of the United States Constitution with an emphasis upon the 6th Amendment.  The Council is actively pursuing the goals of professional competence and academic excellence through Certifications, Training Seminars, Distance Learning, and Academy Level Training Programs.  We are honored to have the finest public defender investigators and private investigators in the nation among our ranks!


The Council encourages agencies and professionals actively engaged in the discipline of Criminal Defense Investigation to join the Council and pursue the nationally recognized and prestigious designation of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).    Are you Board Certified?

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Featured Investigator: 

Charolette A. Brooks, CCDI


Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy

Business Address:

203 E. Mt. Vernon Street, Suite A, Somerset, Kentucky 42501 - charlotte.brooks@ky.gov


Ms. Brooks has almost twenty years of experience conducting comprehensive criminal defense investigations including multiple death eligible cases. She earned her Paralegal certification in 1997 and took multiple college criminal investigation courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminalistics, telecommunications, and Criminal Investigation. In 2001 she was awarded the nationally recognized designation of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. In 2004, she earned her Kentucky Private Investigator License.  She has also worked diligently promoting the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy Investigator Training programs since 1997. For the past 7 years she has been instrumental in the development, support, and execution as a faculty member of the week long intensive  Essentials of Defense Investigation Training held in Faubush, KY.    Charolette Brooks has demonstrated her abilities as an expert in the discipline of criminal defense investigation as a field investigator, trainer, and as a leader among her peers.   She is well respected and continues to promote the ideals defined by the 6th amendment of the United States Constitution.  The CDITC is honored to call her colleague and friend.

We had the opportunity to get to know Charolette a little better on a personal level and learn more about why she loves what she does.


 Why do you enjoy being an investigator?:   “I enjoy helping people.  Searching for the truth in all the twists and turns in a case and then you have an ah-hah moment, there is nothing better.  There is always more to a story than first meets the eye.  Any good attorney will tell you that a great investigator is essential to a successful outcome in any case, whether it be for a plea bargain or an acquittal.  The attorney needs to know the truth, good or bad. “  


What does it mean to be a board certified criminal defense investigator to you?:  “Out of my nearly 20 years doing criminal defense investigation, becoming board certified is one of my proudest moments.  There is a great deal of respect that comes along with being nationally certified.  The training council is well known nationally and to be able to say you are a part of that respected community is always helpful in interviewing or testifying in court.  Lastly, you can always contact a member and have a friendly helpful hand in getting information from all across the United States.” 

Please describe your most interesting or rewarding case: “ I’ve had too many interesting and rewarding cases over the years to pick just one.  The most rewarding thing to me is seeing someone innocent getting released from jail or prison and knowing the work I did contributed in some small way to a successful outcome.  With that being said, one recent case that stands out is a young man was charged with murder and burglary, there were 2 eye-witnesses pointing fingers at him and he admitted to being on the scene.   He denied the murder and burglary.  The defense investigation started within 24 hours of the arrest, we mapped the scene, checked angles, interviewed witnesses and were able to disprove the police theory of the case and showed why the witnesses couldn’t have actually seen what they said they saw.  With all the evidence in hand, the attorney was able to go to the prosecutor and get our client an offer of a convicted felon in possession of handgun plea, all other charges dismissed.”


What are some of your hobbies, interests, etc?  “I like to volunteer with the American Legion of which I have been a member for over 25 years.  I love to spend time with my kids and grandkids.  And, I love my job.

      "Defending the United States Constitution one case at a time!"
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The Criminal Defense
Investigation Training Council

National Criminal Defense Investigation Training Academy
40 Hours of intensive training

East Coast - Florida Forensic Science Investigator Academy
June 13-17, 2016

Five days of intensive training and a visit to the National Navy UDT Seal Museum!

West Coast - California Criminal Defense Investigator Academy
January 23-27, 2017

Five day Academy program  

Criminal Defense Investigation: The Component Method & Case Management, Forensic Science Applications, and Capital Case and Penalty Phase Mitigation, Scenario Based Team Oriented Training - Instructors will consist of CDITC & CALI Cadre. This program promises to be the most exciting training event of the year! San Jose, CA.  Registration opening soon!

2015 Investigator/Philosopher Award 

Francie Koehler, CCDI - Award Winner

The CDITC is honored to present our most prestigious award to distinguished member Francie Koehler, CCDI. 


Francie is a nationally recognized California Private Investigator who continues represent the profession on the national stage.  She has left a positive impression upon the field of criminal defense investigation  and continues to lead by example as an advocate of Justice and Truth.  Francie was also awarded the Distinguished designation of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI)

This Award is presented to those few who have elevated the discipline of criminal investigation.  They have led by example and assumed the highest level of expertise.  Their leadership includes that of director, instructor, author, and mentor to many.


The CDITC maintains a You Tube channel reflecting a variety of videos regarding criminal defense investigation 

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CCDI - Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator


CFI-FTER - Certified Forensic Interviewer in the FTER Method.


CFSI - Certified Forensic Science Investigator 

           (CFSI is classroom based training only - 48 hours)



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The CDITC is honored to welcome the United States Military into our organization.  We had the privilege to deliver the CDITC Certification Training to the investigative team of the Office of Chief Defense Counsel in Washington, D.C.  The training was attended by Navy NCIS, Army CID, and Air Force OSI agents as well as civilian investigators assigned to the team. 



The White House, Washington, D.C.   

Golden Rule Award Finalist – CDITC Intern Investigator Program


"I commend you for your commitment to the American ideal of Service.  Your efforts are going a long way toward healing and renewing your communities and serve as an inspiration to all who are striving to improve our world." 


  -  Bill Clinton - President of the United States of America  

Indiana Public Defender Council   


"I secured Mr. Perron’s services to conduct an eight hour intensive training program for criminal defense investigators here in Indiana.  The program which Mr. Perron devised, organized and single-handedly taught was the best investigator training we have ever been able to secure for our investigator members."   


  - Jodie English, Attorney at Law - Training Coordinator  

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Public Advocacy    


"Brandon Perron, the Executive Director of the CDITC, is a rare triple threat of a presenter.  He brings the rare combination of clear communication in preparation, strong substance and excellent showmanship.  He motivates and challenges investigators to perform at the highest level and take responsibility for their work and their role in the agency." 


  - Jeff Sherr, Attorney At Law - Education and Strategic Planning Manager

Colorado Public Defender

"We've heard from many attendees how much they appreciated the training.  Your are an engaging speaker which made it possible for people to actually stay tuned in for the message.  We really appreciate all you did to make this investigator conference such a success for us"

John Goglach and Pam Sharp, training organizers for the Colorado Public Defender.



Government Agency Members & Participants:

  1. United States Department of Defense (DOD) - US Military Office of Chief Defense Counsel
  2. United States Government - Federal Public Defender
  3. National Indian Gaming Commission, Department of the Interior
  4. State of Virginia - Department of Criminal Justice Services
  5. State of Colorado - Public Defender Office                          
  6. State of Illinois, Cook County Public Defender - Chicago, IL         
  7. State of Connecticut - Public Defender, Quinnipiac Law School
  8. State of Indiana - Public Defender - Indianapolis, IN
  9. State of Ohio - Public Defender
  10. Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy - Frankfort, KY
  11. State of Minnesota -  Public Defender
  12. State of Iowa, Public Defender
  13. State of Florida 2nd Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Tallahasee, FL
  14. State of Florida, 4th Judicial Circuit, Public Defender, Jacksonville, FL
  15. State of Florida 5th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Ocala, FL
  16. State of Florida 8th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Gainesville, FL
  17. State of Florida 9th Judicial Circuit Public Defender - Orlando, FL
  18. State of Florida, 11th Judicial Circuit Public Defender - Miami, FL
  19. State of Florida, 13th Judicial Circuit Public Defender - Tampa, FL
  20. State of Florida 19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender - Fort Pierce, FL
  21. State of Florida, 4th District, Regional Conflict Counsel
  22. State of Missouri, Public Defender
  23. State of Wisconsin, Public Defender
  24. State of Massachusetts, CPCS Committee for Public Counsel Services
  25. State of Georgia, Public Defender
  26. State of North Carolina, Public Defender
  27. State of Arizona, Public Defender
  28. State of Louisiana, Public Defender
  29. New York State Defender Association, New York Public Defender
  30. State of New York Public Defender Association
  31. Ontario County Public Defender, State of New York
  32. State of Arkansas, Public Defender Commission
  33. State of South Dakota - Public Defender

Professional Association Partners & Participants:
  1. NDIA - National Defender Investigator Association
  2. NAIS - National Association of Investigative Specialists
  3. TCDLA - Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  4. FAPD - Florida Association of Public Defenders
  5. NALI - National Association of Legal Investigators
  6. PAWLI - Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators
  7. SCALI - South Carolina Association of Licensed Investigators
  8. LPDAM - Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts
  9. FALI - Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  10. TALI - Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
  11. CALI - California Association of Licensed Investigators
  12. NCAPI - North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
  13. CALPI - Connecticut Association of Private Detectives
  14. GAPPI - Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators
  15. IAPI - Iowa Association of Professional Investigators
  16. MCPI - Michigan Council of Private Investigators
  17. ISPI - Indiana Society of Professional Investigators
  18. SDBA - South Dakota Bar Association

Educational Institutions

Boston University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Northeastern University
Roger Williams College
Quinnipiac Law School
City College
Indian River State College
Kaiser University
Private Agency Members & Participants:
Ashenoff & Associates - Miami, FL

Case in Point Investigations - Manchester, NH & Boston, MA

I.R.I.S. LLC - Hartford, CT


Investigative Support Specialist, Inc - Stuart, FL

Fairfield Investigations, Jupiter, FL


Call 1-800-465-5233 to schedule a training event at your location.

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